Glen Coe, Scotland

As promised, I'm going to be sharing some of the photographs I took during my recent trip to Scotland at Christmas; I have so many I think I'll just pick a few of my favourites each time and group them into sets!

A friend and I travelled up to Scotland on Monday 21st December, after leaving Suffolk on Sunday and stopping in Cumbria overnight to break up the long journey (I think I've fallen in love with Cumbria, but that's a different story). It's about 520 miles in total, which is a journey of around 10 hours in the car. We approached Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe during the early afternoon, keen to get to our destination near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands before it became dark, which is around 3:45pm in December. The weather was stormy and very changeable.

The main road through Glen Coe is the A82; it twists and turns across the moors and through the mountains and seems to go on and on. The scenery is desolate, awe-inspiring and vast; the size of these mountains just doesn't come across in a photograph so you have to experience it for real - and after seeing this in person, I would recommend that everyone takes a trip to the Highlands of Scotland at least once during their lifetime. Before I left for my trip, a friend told me that it would be "life changing", and for me it really was. I came home with a different perspective and feeling more inspired to create art than I ever have in my life. It's a magical, haunting, and at times overwhelming place. I'd never seen such dramatic scenery, and going there in the winter was the best thing I could have done - the natural colour palette of the landscape at this time of the year matches my paintings!

This snow-dusted mountain intrigued me most of all - I think it might be Buachaille Etive Mòr but I'm not sure (maybe someone more knowledgable about this area will correct me!). It's just such a beautiful shape, and I'm sure it will inspire many future paintings.

This image was taken through the car windscreen while travelling; there's something about a long road that disappears into the distance. It kind of reminds me of My Own Private Idaho (does anyone remember that film?!).

Here's the last one for today, showing the amazingly changeable sky, spectacular lighting that was honestly so unreal (or hyper real?) that it was like being on a film set, and the vastness of the landscape. This view will remain in my mind forever...

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