New Astronomy Paintings

I have so many exciting things coming up this year, and I really want to try to avoid what I did last year when I got busy, which is: I stopped updating the blog and sending newsletters. That's just ridiculous behaviour because I'm guessing the very fact that you follow me online means that you want to see updates and find out what's going on; ditto if you're a member of my mailing list (which you can sign up for on this page if you would like to do so - I have a proper submission form for it now; fancy). So instead of making it look like I have nothing going on when in fact everything is going on, I'm going to become much better at updating this blog, the website, social media...and the mailing list. If I don't, please feel free to kick me up the backside.

Astronomy paintings. © Natasha Newton 2016

Astronomy paintings. © Natasha Newton 2016

So to start us off, here are four new paintings from my astronomy series! I created these over the past month or so and they've all been added to the shop. Two have already sold, but the other two are still available at the time of writing. Clockwise from top left: Moon and Stars 12, gouache and acrylic ink on paper, 12x10" (SOLD); Imaginary Star Chart Number 17, gouache and acrylic ink on paper, 8x10" (SOLD); Luna 24, gouache and acrylic ink on paper, 8x10" (AVAILABLE); Imaginary Star Chart Number 18, gouache and acrylic ink on paper, 12x10" (AVAILABLE).

It seems almost impossible to believe that it's now five years since I started the astronomy series, way back in early 2011 with the Imaginary Star Chart paintings. The Moon and Stars and Luna paintings followed in 2013/2014 (originally the Luna series was called Moon and these were started in 2013, but then Moon kind of evolved into Luna!). They have always been popular and I've had many requests for prints from this series, so I now offer a few of these paintings as signed, archival art prints in this section of the shop.

I'll be back shortly with some more new work to show you, and a couple of blog posts about topics I've been thinking a lot about recently; relating to actually being an artist and the insecurities, comparisons etc. we all deal with at certain times throughout our career. Have a great day and I'll see you soon!