New Series: Patterned Pears

This week has already been insanely busy. I don't know what's happened recently but my list of commissions is getting longer by the day, and I've never had so many sales and orders. Add to this the fact that I need to plan (and make a huge amount of work) for some upcoming gallery shows, and you have one slightly stressed - but very happy - artist. It's nearing 11pm here in Suffolk and I'm in the studio drinking strong tea in an attempt to stay awake so I can catch up on a few things before I go to bed. But before I go, I wanted to quickly share these new paintings with you.

Patterned Pear 1 & 2. Gouache and acrylic ink on watercolour paper. 8x10" / 20x25cm © Natasha Newton 2016

Patterned Pear 1 & 2. Gouache and acrylic ink on watercolour paper. 8x10" / 20x25cm © Natasha Newton 2016

For a long, long time I've wanted to experiment with some ideas I've had in my head (and in my notebook). But for various reasons I never did anything about them, because:

1. I always seemed to be too busy with gallery shows, commissions, keeping on top of orders and admin etc. to find the time to just play around with ideas for a personal project.

2. I was scared that the ideas I had in my head wouldn't look anywhere near as good when I actually tried to paint them - this is where our old friend 'procrastination' rears his ugly head.

3. I have always loved mid-century and Scandinavian art and design, fresh colours and abstract painting, but struggled to imagine how I would be able to create what I loved, but crucially, in my own style. I didn't want the work to be too influenced by other pieces I'd seen, so I had to wait until the time was right. I researched and absorbed but then just allowed my own ideas to develop over time rather than forcing them.

4. I also worried about how the new work would fit in with my existing work. In many ways it's so different (subject matter, colours etc.) and I didn't know whether it would look strange or a little jarring to see this work alongside my usual work. Would it confuse people? Would they wonder why I've suddenly changed my style? Does it seem inconsistent? In the end I just decided to stop the self-limiting worrying, follow my heart, and go for it. I realised that so often I let a fear of what other people are going to think stop me from doing things. In the end, these pieces actually sit alongside my existing work surprisingly well (which I'll still be making, by the way!), and the response I've received after posting the first two paintings on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has been absolutely amazing and way beyond anything I would have expected! There's a lesson in there. ;)

5. Another concern was: where will I sell or exhibit these pieces? The answer was: anywhere I blooming well like! For now, they're going to be available through my new shop Luna + Milo, but I already have a few plans in mind for these pieces, so we'll see where it leads...

I hope you've enjoyed seeing something a little different from me, and I'll be sure to share the latest pieces from the series as and when they're completed. Ok, I'm off to bed now... (really)...

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