365 Nature: My Work Featured In A New Book!

Last year I was asked to create a collection of 18 painted stones for a book due to be released in Australia at the end of 2015: 365 Nature by Anna Carlile. The stones are a mixture of nature and abstract designs, and I was excited to work on this special collection and also eventually see them in print! When I saw some of the photographs in advance of the book being published, I was seriously impressed with the photography and presentation of my work - both are absolutely beautiful!

The book was also published in the UK last month, so I've only just been able to get my hands on a copy (I bought mine on Amazon - Book Depository do some pretty good deals on there) and I loved it so much I've already ordered a second copy! This way I'll have one to use and one to keep safe somewhere, because the moment this book arrived I knew I wanted to keep a copy in my studio for daily inspiration. As the title suggests it features many projects to help you connect with nature every day, throughout the changing seasons. It's beautifully photographed and designed, and I can't wait to read it more thoroughly and try some of the projects myself. I hope you'll be inspired to paint some stones of your own as there are some tips and advice on doing so in the book. I'd love to see your creations, so please feel free to tag me on Twitter or Instagram if you decide to have a go!

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