What Is Wrong With Me?

That's a strange title for a blog, I know! I couldn't think of what to call this one because, well, let's just get straight to it; I haven't written a blog post since...March. I know! Five months. I'm not sure why I feel so ashamed about that, because it's totally up to me whether I decide to keep a blog/update the blog or not, but I'm sorry for being so quiet on here. I guess I should explain a little about exactly why I've been absent for the past five months. But firstly, how is it possible that it's August already?! It seems like just a couple of months ago it was early Spring.

The Studio, Suffolk. June 2016

The Studio, Suffolk. June 2016

Back in March I became very busy; I was somewhat overwhelmed with online orders through my shop (which is always good - I'll never complain about that!) whilst also trying to finish commissions and create work for an upcoming show, so blogging fell by the wayside. By the time the end of April rolled around I felt completely exhausted, and so I decided to take a step back from work for a couple of months. I was still painting a little, but certainly not at the pace I was before. I've also been working on a couple of things over the past few months that I haven't been able to mention publicly yet. All of this coincided with some big life changes for me which I may write about (or at least mention!) another time. I found that the longer I went without writing, the harder it became to start writing again, and so today I just decided to bite the bullet and write a chatty blog to ease myself into swing of blogging again! Because I've realised something: I miss it. I miss sharing my new work on here and writing about things that inspire me. I also have several ideas for future blogs about what it's like to be self-employed (the joys and the pitfalls), running a creative business, making money from your art, and so on.

I'd also really like to be able to share my life/travel adventures, and little bits of this new life I am embarking on. So I'm not 100% sure why I've been avoiding blogging for so long - it seems strange given that I enjoy it so much! I think that, like many things, there were a variety of reasons. But I hope...no, I want...to be able to make the time for this because I think it's important, and I hope you'll enjoy it too. You can always write to me via the contact page or send a tweet on Twitter if there is anything in particular you'd like me to write about. I'd love to hear from you!

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