10 Facts About Me


I was tagged on Instagram to share '20 Facts About Me', and I really enjoyed reading about the person who'd tagged me and finding out more about her! I decided to take her up on the offer and join in, as it seemed like fun. Due to time constraints I'm sticking to just 10 random facts this time, but if you all enjoy this post there may be a Part Two where I add another 10 in the future!

These were first posted on Instagram this morning, and since then I've received an amazing response from people, many of whom left incredibly kind, touching, and heartfelt comments that I deeply appreciate.

Ok, here goes...

1. I've been a full time, professional artist and illustrator for 10 years this year. Before that I always had a second job to help bring in a regular income. 

2. One of those jobs was as a chambermaid at a really nice hotel. I met a handful of famous people while doing this job and it opened my eyes to a lot of things!

3. I've always had an interest in the paranormal, fuelled by many strange and unexplained experiences throughout my life.

4. I love the smell and taste of coffee but cannot drink it. I'm super sensitive to it and can't tolerate even half of one weak, milky cup! But I'm generally ok with tea, and so that's my hot drink of choice.

5. I sadly lost my long term partner to cancer in 2014. It was the most horrific thing I've ever been through, and I'm still dealing with the anxiety and sadness within me, and finding ways to cope with the difficult feelings I have. 

6. But then in 2016 I met my current partner (now my fiancΓ© - pictured with me above) who has brought light, happiness, and a huge amount of laughter into my life. We had actually known each other and had been friends for 10 years online before we met in person! 

7. In late 2015 I was asked to take part in something so huge and so exciting that I was bursting to tell everyone, but couldn't and still can't because I signed a NDA / contract and I'm bound to silence! 

8. Art is the thing that kept me going through my grief - I threw myself into my work and it was the valuable focus and purpose I needed.

9. I listen to probably hundreds of documentaries and podcasts each year - I have them playing in the background while I work. I love learning about new subjects and have a very curious nature!

10. I am an INFJ. Apparently this personality type is the rarest, making up around 1% of the population. When I discovered this and read all about it, a lot of things in my life began to make sense for the first time.

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