Natasha NewtoN, Artist & Illustrator

About Me:

I'm an artist and illustrator living in two inspiring and beautiful locations - coastal Suffolk, with its vast, open skies, and Surrey, the most densely-wooded county in the UK. After a lifelong interest in painting and drawing, I started my profession as a fine art painter in my 20s, exhibiting my work in numerous exhibitions at galleries across the UK and beyond. Illustration was an aspect of my career that seemed to find me, rather than something I consciously set out to do! As my work became known online, art directors, publishing companies, and businesses started to contact me and hired me to work on various projects - and so the illustration side of Natasha Newton Art & Illustration was born! Commissions have included work for Random House and Quarto books, a number of magazines, and the printing company Moo, among others. Please visit the Press page to see some examples of these projects.

About My Work:

Through my paintings I try to communicate or evoke a particular emotion; a deep love of nature and the countryside, the magical stillness found during the Autumn and Winter seasons, a sense of history and feeling of nostalgia viewed through the eyes of a contemporary painter, and a longing for a simpler way of life. The houses I often include in my paintings can be seen as 'safe havens', and my hope is that, upon encountering my work, I can transport the viewer into the peaceful world I've created.

One of my favourite pastimes is beach combing along the Suffolk coast, and I can't go too long without a trip to the beach - the wilder and more desolate, the better! The pieces of sea glass and beach pottery I find, beautifully tumbled by the waves and the passage of time, have found their way into my work. I select certain pieces to paint on, giving these items another life as a treasured work of art. I am fascinated by the stories of these objects; what they were once a part of and the past life they had, before they were washed up on to the shoreline and into my hands.

If you'd like to contact me, you can do so here.